For the first time in online marketing history, MyPayingAds presents you with a distinct
class of advertising platform; one that is dedicated to Cryptocurrency. is the pioneering platform that fuses Cryptocurrency
with an advertise and get rewarded concept.



What are the advantages of a pure cryptocurrency platform...namely MyPayingCryptoAds?

You earn rewards in bitcoin! This has huge upside compared to traditional platforms whom use the USD denomination.


Heres an example...

This is how traditional platforms that accept bitcoin operate just now:

When you deposit or purchase an adpack your bitcoin is converted into a value of USD. For this example say an adpack is priced at $5 and you purchase this with 0.01BTC.

Over the course of the next few weeks you are rewarded for your activity. Your activity rewards have earned you $6!

Whats The problem

This is great on the surface....although there is a flaw! We all know bitcoins are increasing in value...this is one of the key drivers behind bitcoins meteoric rise! With our example, upon withdrawal you'll receive $6 worth of bitcoin. The problem is the bitcoin value would have increased. $6 may now only be valued at 0.009BTC, meaning you've actually lost 0.001BTC. Not good!

This proposition makes good business sense for businesses, as they will profit from the strong and increasing value of bitcoin....although on the flip side members and customers loose out as they have essentially exchanged their strong bitcoin for a weaker denomination.

Heres The solution

MyPayingCryptoAds! This is HUGE for members, as rather converting your strong bitcoins to USD, members now receive bitcoin payments. There is no disappointment in loosing out on bitcoin value increases or hassle of worrying about high payment processor fees. The MyPayingAds brand prides itself on trust. This is our way of showing that we are here to serve our members and provide the best value!